With Laurie Macfarlane and Aaron White, I’m running ourEconomy, which is a new section of openDemocracy dedicated to the global economy and new economic thinking.

Around the world the economic ideas and policies that have dominated for the past 40 years are rapidly losing legitimacy in the face of multiple crises: stagnant or falling living standards, sharply rising inequality of income and wealth, financial fragility, racial injustice and environmental breakdown.

ourEconomy will publish cutting-edge analysis, insight and commentary about this crisis of our economic system – and promote intelligent debate about what should replace it. We will give voice to those who are putting new economic ideas into practice from the ground up, and showcase some of the most exciting ideas and initiatives from around the world. We will harness openDemocracy’s investigative expertise to shine a light onto the power structures that underpin the status quo, and use human stories to highlight the injustices at the heart of our current economic system.

Rising temperatures, collapsing biodiversity, depleting natural resources and growing resentment towards an unfair economic system all mean that maintaining the status quo is simply not an option. The question is what comes next.

You can find us here.