New job! Europe Editor, ourEconomy

Super happy and proud to be starting my new job as Europe Editor for ourEconomy, a new section of openDemocracy that puts people, planet and power at the centre of the debate about our economic future. You can read more about us here.

Media, Crisis and Bubbles workshop, Pamplona

I’m honoured to be invited to the Media, Crisis and Bubbles workshop at the University of Navarra, Pamplona on the 13th-14th December, by the wonderful Ángel Arrese, who is at the forefront of this field. Excited to meet old friends and share ideas with many of the most prominent thinkers in the area, including Anya Schiffrin, Steve Schifferes, Sophie Knowles,…

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The World Transformed

Very happy to have been invited to speak at The World Transformed festival in Liverpool! TWT is a politics, arts and music festival running between the 22nd and 25th of September. My panel is called Occupy Fleet Street: How to Democratise the British Media, with myself, Tom Mills, Leo Watkins, Dan Hind, Angela Phillps and Wendy Liu.

IIPPE conference, Pula

The International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy will have their conference in Pula this year, on the theme of ‘The State of Capitalism and the State of Political Economy‘. This is my first IIPPE conference, and I’m happy to be presenting twice – on media amnesia and also on Good Societies, in their brilliant-looking activism stream.

ESA conference, Zagreb

The European Sociological Association RN18 mid-term conference this year is on the theme ‘Communication, Capitalism and Social Change’. Really excited to be participating with a paper on media amnesia and the economic crisis.

Review by Simon Wren-Lewis

Oxford economist Simon Wren-Lewis has reviewed Media Amnesia in Open Democracy’s section on new thinking for the British economy, here. he’s also given an interesting analysis on the role of the media in austerity on his blog.