Review by Simon Wren-Lewis

Oxford economist Simon Wren-Lewis has reviewed Media Amnesia in Open Democracy’s section on new thinking for the British economy, here. he’s also given an interesting analysis on the role of the media in austerity on his blog.

People’s Assembly conference 2nd June

I was very happy to have the opportunity to speak at the People’s Assembly national conference on Saturday. It was a great event and I’m looking forward to taking part in future activities.

The Selfish Giants

This month’s issue of the New Internationalist is devoted to media and media reform. I have a piece in there and am one of this month’s featured authors. The New Int is a multi-stakeholder co-operative owned by its workers and 3600 small investors – of which I’m one. I grew up with this magazine and am proud to now have…

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New book: Media Amnesia

My book Media Amnesia: Rewriting the Economic Crisis is out now with Pluto Press. From Donald Trump, to Brexit and the rise of nationalist populism across Europe, what role has the media played in shaping our current political moment? Following the news coverage of a decade-long crisis that includes the 2008 financial crash and the Great Recession, the UK deficit,…

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